RICE SOLE SHOES is our specialty!

Artisanal Gifts  is  a family company who is introducing Native indigenous culture to the world through fashion by recycling the materials we use in our hand crafted line of products like,  clothes, natural plants and fruits  seeds and peels also treating our leather process with natural vegetables oil and the vibrant tones we getting from natural flowers and plants promoting the safety of the environment.

My name is Maria Loyd, I was an artisan all throughout my childhood; We were a group of 10 kids between the ages of  7 -10 years old in my neighborhood,  We learned how express our feelings, our desires, our happiness, our sadness, our surroundings through the art in the fabric. Making the most amazing unique pieces of Art.

Today I am trying to help the indigenous communities designing products which go with the actual fashion industry and using  the fabrics I made in my childhood as part of my  product enhancing it as pure original pieces of Art, no patterns are repeated, every piece is one of a kind, under my own brand MABACOL

 We have products from different native cultures such as the, The Kuna, Wayuu, Incas, Arhuacos and more!

We have three giving back programs, a percentage of our profit is helping Kids (check in the giving back link)



Call: 570-657-7675

NOTE:PLEASE DO NOT USE THE mabacolinfo@gmail.com  

Read about how we give back here.